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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

19/365 January 19, 2011

I had a busy day today and then a long nap (lucky me!). I forgot my camera for my outing and had hoped to get photos then, so instead I am giving you our nightly routine.


Will reads the kids books every night just before bed. We used to bathe them every night, but now sometimes we skip it and rotate every other day. Today was a bath night. Hence, Rawni's wet hair.

Let's look at Rawni, shall we? She is wearing a skimpy night gown because she hates clothes. I hope this is not a sign of her later in life profession. She can not stand socks.  She will fight tooth and nail to wear them, and if she does, she will take them off immediately as she walks through the door.  In fact, she will take them off in the car if we allow it, but I don't prefer.

Yes, she is wearing a scarf.  She loves accessories.  Anything accessories.  She is very girlie.  She's also got a bottle of chapstick in her lap, but I am not sure how well you can see that.

She is munching straight "grape" tomatoes for her snack tonight.  She will eat a whole container in one sitting.  I hate tomatoes, but I can force them down only in things because of how good they are for you.

Let's look at William, shall we?  He, as well as Rawni, both highly enjoy mismatching their jammies.  I think because I let them mismatch these?  They know what goes in pairs and yet they are thrilled to intentionally not wear that way.  If we are going or staying somewhere, I make them match.  If we are home, this is one of those battles I choose to ignore.

The book they are reading, The Sun, is William's school library book.  In the past five months he has been in Kindergarten, we have checked out every book under the sun (no pun intended) on the Solar System.  He is obsessed and I swear one day if I can move the obsession from his crush to becoming involved in NASA, he will go in a rocketship to the moon.

Robert is sleeping as he is still not feeling up to par.  He's been whiny and needing extra sleep.  As for Will, I adore watching him with our children.  These are the moments that make me swoon over him.

Lastly, that is garbage on my counters, wine bottles from guests this weekend.  I am hoping I won't have to ask my husband to take them out tonight, but since I chose a nap today and need to get a few things done myself, I won't be ragging him. Today was a little, lazy.

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