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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

60/365 March 1, 2011

First of all, I can't believe it's March already. How does this happen?! One day at a time, I guess, huh?

This is our cat, Daisy. This is my photo for the day.
I also chose this photo because she laid right next to Inception, which we watched this evening.  I guess I should say Will watched this evening.  My eyes were bothering me and I took a Benadryl for the itching and between that and lack of sleep with Robert having been up at night consistently the past few days, I ended up heading to bed early.  

But I am not going to stop at that, I took a few others too.

We got Daisy two years ago this month.  Wow!

I found her at the shelter.  I went in for one cat to reduce a rat problem we had, and I came home with two.  Had she not been "on a discount", because she had already been fixed, she may not have come home with us.

She and my husband hit it off really well.  She's a very sketchy cat.  She's sweet and wouldn't go out of her way to hurt us, but she gets scared easily.

She is also very moody.  She's temperamental and jealous.  She literally gets angry eyes when she sees Will rubbing my back.  She got angry with us last Spring and she only comes in the house occasionally.  Once, it was very cold outside so I had Will bring her in and planned to keep her in the house overnight.  She woke me up ripping my screen apart in my room.

She's a great hunter, and she has never hurt the children, but she really doesn't get close to them, the most part.  She will occasionally let them pet her, but otherwise prefers to be alone.

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